Spring School / Doctorate School


“Gestures of here and there: the sensory making of places” is the 1st edition of the Arts in the Alps Spring School that the “SFR Creation” will organize every two years, as of 2017. The Spring School’s main objective is to create an international scientific community which distinguishes itself through the promotion of multidisciplinary research practices, propositions for doctorate students to experiment, and the development new research approaches in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

For its first year – held from June-16, 2017-  the Spring School facilitated collaborative processes with a community of researchers, artists and PhD students. This group was specialized in various fields such as geography, sociology, dance, visual arts and sound, philosophy, performance, history and architecture. This year 30 participants from 12 different countries – France, England, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Tunisia, Argentina, Austria, Turkey, Equador and Italy – were selected to participate in this 1st edition. Link to downloadable document : Call for applications


2017 Theme

The objective of this 2017 edition entitled “Gestures of here and there: the sensory making of places” was to arm the participants with artistic tools of new site-specific performance research focusing on the question of the memory of a place. The five days of research enabled the participants and the guest faculty to work on the Bouchayer-Viallet district of Grenoble as a case study based on the sensory experience of research. Its history has multiple layers : industrial, eco-cultural, natural and artistic. Participants were invited to experiment with a diverse selection of research tools exploring different ways of using body data to analyse the traces and imprints of collective and individual actions that produced the site’s historical layers.


The first Spring School in a few words

The success of this first Spring School was largely driven by the disciplinary and methodological synergies that renowned international academics and artists deployed throughout the week.Link to downloadable document full program attachment. Program Arts in the Alps

Each day opened with a one-hour body-practice workshop facilitated by Spanish choreographer Germana Civera featuring movement exercises facilitating the participants’ sensory perception. This prepared the doctorate students for the research practices that were subsequently conducted later in the day in the physicial awarness thematic workshops. Subdivided into groups, the participants then had the opportunity to investigate each workshops’ proposition: Inge Linder-Gaillard (Art Historian, ESAD Grenoble) and Guillonne Balaguer (Artist, Audio Art); Anne Dalmasso (Contemporary History, UGA) and Martial Chazallon (artist, choreographer); Gretchen Schiller (Dance UGA, choreographer) and Helen Paris (Performance, Stanford University EU); Anne-Laure Amilhat-Szary (Geography, UGA) and Daria Lippi (artist, theatre).

Based on its interdisciplinary dimension, the Spring School also gave participants the opportunity to follow two philosophy seminars led by Erin Manning (University of Concordia, Canada) and Brian Massumi (University of Montreal, Canada) from a reading and analysis of a text by Gilles Deleuze on the thought of the outdoors theorized by Michel Foucault (Gilles Deleuze, Foucault, Minuit, Paris, 1986.). Each evening of the week, the general public was invited to join the group of participants to attend conferences with the Grenoble architecture companies SILO and NA, the Performance Studies scholar Rebecca Schneider (Brown University, USA), sociologist Anthony Pecqueux (ENSAG Grenoble) and geographer and art scholar Anne Volvey (University of Artois).

Further information

Organizing committee :

Gretchen Schiller, Nataliya Grulois, Anne-Claire Cauhapé (Maison de la Création – UGA), Claudine Moïse (LIDILEM, UGA), Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary (PACT – UGA), Anne Dalmasso (LARHRA – UGA), Rachel Thomas (CRESSON, UMR 1563 AAU – ENSAG), Inge Linder-Gaillard (ESAD), Béatrice Josse and Camille Planeix (Magasin des Horizons – Center Marie Roche (The Pacific – Center for Choreographic Development), Erell Melscoet (CCN2, National Choreographic Center), Matthieu Warin (Maison of the Chorier Berriat Residents).


Event organized in partnership with:

UMR LITT & ARTS, CRESSON (UMR 1563 AAU, ENSAG), LIDILEM, PACTE, LARHRA, Graduate School of Art and Design • Grenoble • Valence, Store des horizons – Arts and Culture Center, Center de choreographic development The Pacific, CCN2 – National Choreographic Center, House of Chorier Berriat inhabitants.


Financing and logistical support:

IDEX Summer School, Grenoble University
Laboratory excluding UGA: CRESSON UMR 1563 – AAU, the National School of Architecture of Grenoble
Partner institutions: ESAD – School of Art and Design Grenoble-Valence, Magasin des Horizons – Center for Arts and Culture CCN2: National Choreographic Center.

Graphic design:

Rémi Pollio – http://www.aiuto-aiuto.fr/