Spring School/ Ecole de Printemps : Ecole de printemps internationale et interdisciplinaire
Conférences d’automne : cycle de conférences internationales en Recherche-Création.

Arts in the Alps

Arts in the Alps is a research training platform consisting of a Spring School and Autumn Conferences. It has been organized since 2017 by the SFR Creation at the University of Grenoble Alpes, in collaboration with many cultural and artistic partners.

This research platform addresses the issue of practices, thoughts and processes of creation from a multidisciplinary point of view, while promoting experimental approaches where artists and researchers collaborate together.

The primary intention of Arts in the Alps is to promote international scientific exchange. For example, in 2017 we hosted Rebecca Schneider, Performance Studies from Brown University in the USA, Tim Ingold, Anthropology from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and Helen Paris, Performance from Stanford University in the USA.

Spring School

The Spring School is a plurimodal research programme that combines, crosses and confronts the theoretical and practical approaches of art resarch while bringing into dialogue the different knowledges and know-hows of researchers and international artists from fields the fields of architecture, geography, sociology, philosophy, dance, visual arts, and sound. The 2017 edition “Gestures of here and there: the sensory making of places” will tackle the questions of site specific performance and the memory of a place …

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Fall Conferences

Every year, the SFR Création organizes a series of conferences open to the general public, inviting internationally renowned artists and researchers to present their theoretical and practical work at the crossroads of research and artistic creation. Like all of our activities, this cycle of autumn conferences is an opportunity to promote interdisciplinarity in research, allowing the public to discover artists and researchers who are distinguished  in the fields of dance and new technologies, anthropology and sensory experience or community and proximity …

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